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9 Critical Pitfalls to Avoid on the AI Journey in Finance
Data insights provided by AI can allow finance professionals to move faster and nimbler, make more data-driven decisions and transform business operations. The main applications of AI in finance are financial modeling and forecasting.


When an In-house Bank Makes Sense
Using your company’s own resources for financing, an in-house bank (IHB) is a cost-effective way of consolidating your treasury functions into one central entity rather than having each subsidiary work through a different local bank. It is transparent and efficient, and allows you to centrally handle your banking relationships, currency risk, payments and collections.


Planning Liquidity in Times of Uncertainty
The 2022 AFP® Liquidity Survey, underwritten by Invesco, aims to understand current and emerging trends in organizations’ cash and short-term investment holdings, investment policies and strategies in the current economic environment. The key findings are formed by the nearly 300 treasury practitioners who responded to the survey.


How Finance Deals with Supply Chain Challenges
Supply chain issues are affecting every single business in the world in some way, shape or form. For an international tire manufacturer and hospital supply chain group, this is a mission-critical issue. So how are they dealing with it? How have things changed over the past two years, and have prices increased as a result? To find out, AFP’s Bryan Lapidus, director of FP&A Practice sat down with Tom Russell, CPA & FPAC, director of Global FP&A for Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and Pete Geiler, director of supply chain finance for a large hospital system.


New DEI Partnership Seeks to Increase Awareness of Treasury and Finance Careers
AFP is proud to announce that Wells Fargo has joined the AFP Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative for Treasury and Finance, which introduces treasury and finance careers to underrepresented communities.


What Is Driving, and Enabling, Digitization in Treasury?
It is clear that automation and digitization permitted companies to continue to operate in a remote working environment in a way that simply would not have been possible just a few years ago. The requirement to work remotely simply accelerated changes that were already in transit. So what happens next?


The Many Faces of FP&A: Which One Are You?
In our roles as FP&A professionals, we carry out our craft under the guise of a multitude of archetypes. In a fun — and telling — exercise, we recently presented the FP&A Advisory Committee with the following slate of images and asked: Which one best describes you as you’re engaged in the FP&A function at your organization? Below is what they had to say.


Hiring? Six Ways to Land Top FP&A Talent - And Five Ways for Candidates to Stand Out
The struggle to find - and secure - finance and accounting talent is real and palatable. AFP’s North American FP&A Advisory Council (FPAAC) recently met to discuss the recruiting and hiring landscape.


Personal Growth: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn
Anxiety over job security is real. The World Economic Forum reports that 42% of core skills required for most jobs are going to change by 2022, and many sources estimate the half-life of most professional skills to be five years or less.


Treasury Professionals Discuss Getting the Best Rates on FX
AFP recently met with a group of treasury professionals from the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) to find out which methods their companies are using to get the best rates on FX (foreign exchange) contracts and derivatives.


We Took a Deep Dive into Data; Here’s What We Learned
The AFP FP&A Series is a half day, virtual mini conference designed to take a deep dive into one cutting-edge topic per event. The first event was titled, “Get Your Data Right” and was held in June and exclusively sponsored by AARP.


A Three-step Route to Optimization
Companies are under constant pressure to operate as efficiently as possible, and the treasury department is no exception. Automation of mundane activities offers a clear way to improve efficiency. The difficulty for most treasury practitioners is determining how best to automate the range of activities within the department.


FPAC: Making a Successful Transition from Accounting to FP&A
AFP recently caught up with Kamlesh Bhojwani, FPAC, senior director and head of Finance, Facilities & Finance Shared Services at AMH’s Global Capability Center (GCC) in India, to discuss his decision to earn the FPAC, and how it has affected his life and career journey.


Vigilance and Education Are Key to an Effective Fraud Response Say Experts
Fraud continues to dominate and indiscriminately impact companies of all sizes and across all industries with ever more sophisticated methods. For the 14th year in a row, J.P. Morgan has underwritten AFP’s Payments Fraud and Control Survey to support the education, insights and knowledge it provides in the hope of protecting our companies and our flows.


APAC Treasury Advisory Council Profile: Max Sunarcia
Having served Jardine Matheson of Hong Kong for 9 years, Max Sunarcia, Group Treasurer, is a relative newcomer to the nearly 200-year-old company. An Asian-based conglomerate mainly operating in, you guessed it, Asia, the company is focused on China and South-East Asia.


De-Conflicting Terminology of Analytics
In attaining an analytics culture, the mindset an organization embraces must be aligned with its attitude toward decision-making.


New Partnership Seeks to Drive Capability Building for Finance Teams in Support of Bold CFO Agendas
The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) has partnered with Bain & Company to meld the Company’s performance improvement expertise with AFP’s finance industry acumen in order to invest in industry-leading finance training for Bain’s clients. This partnership will also deliver the most cutting-edge industry insights on financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and treasury.


FPAC Profile - Kelvin Chu: An Advocate for Modern Accounting Found FP&A
Kelvin Chu, CA, CFA, FPAC located in New Zealand, started his career in audit. It provided him with first-hand insights into how different finance disciplines would collaborate and drive financial values.


Why 2020 Mattered So Much for Bank Fees
AFP Service Codes are used in bank billing to allow corporate treasurers to perform analytics on their cash management spend. The new AFP 2020 version of the codes is a major facelift to the old 2013 version, with only 32% of the codes left unchanged.


Before and After Data Visualizations
Creating good visuals to communicate quantitative information is part art and part science. With the increased focus on business partnership and communication, “now” is always a great time to ask if your reports are effectively delivering your message in a clear, succinct manner.


Impacts of the War in Ukraine on the Asia-Pacific Region
AFP’s director of Treasury Services, Tom Hunt, CTP, recently sat down with a group of treasury professionals in the APAC region to talk about the impacts of the war in Ukraine.


CTP Profile: From Theoretical to Fully Realized
When he started in treasury, Deepak Patil had only a theoretical idea of how a treasury department functions. “And I had absolutely no idea how the financial operations, middle office and back office are separated by the systems and extensive responsibilities each department caters to,” he said. But he knew one thing for sure: that he wanted to get in to treasury.


What is Cash Forecasting?
When it comes to cash forecasting, the primary goal of treasury is to ensure the organization has enough cash to meet its obligations over a certain time period. Thanks to most organizations partaking in the trend of having a forensic-level focus on cash, treasury has a much clearer view of the dynamics of and correlations between the various cash flows that make up the forecasts.


CTP Profile: Capital and Liquidity Management in an Emerging Market
After graduating from Business School, Sovanna Tang, CTP, took a job as a senior associate, where he largely worked in audit. He then worked as an accounting specialist. “The work in financial reporting is complicated at first, but eventually it is quite mundane and becomes routine,” said Tang. That’s when he decided to make the transition to capital liquidity control.


CTP Profile: Venturing into the Treasury Domain
From the beginning of his time with Moody’s Analytics, Shakalya Nag, CTP, wanted to venture into the treasury domain. Understanding the systems and processes was of great interest to him. Then he started working on RFPs for major MNC banks in their treasury domain, and he’s has been working on the sales side of treasury operations and fund compliance ever since.


Handling the Skills Gap in the Asia-Pacific Region
AFP recently met with a group of treasury professionals in the APAC region to see how things are progressing for the treasury profession there, if there is a skills gap, and if so, how it’s being addressed. The following is a compilation of their thoughts and insights.


Report Renovations: How to DIY an Effective Presentation
What goes into an effective presentation? How is it different when you’re in the finance profession? At our second “Report Renovations” webinar, we asked the attendees what storytelling means to them.


More Structured, More Efficient, More Accessible: Managing the Daily Life of an FP&A Professional
AFP recently sat down with Carmen Turner, member of the North American FP&A Advisory Council and has held finance positions at SwipeSense, McGraw Hill and the CME Group, to get her opinion on daily life in FP&A.


Using Forecasts to Support Strategic Decision-Making
Treasury and FP&A both develop forecasts to inform decision-making. Forecasts are developed for: the short-term, to help treasury ensure the company has sufficient cash to meet upcoming obligations; the medium-term, to ensure access to sufficient credit lines; and the long-term, to help ensure the capital structure can support the delivery of the business strategy.


FP&A Profile: The Pandemic Led to His Dream Job
Tharanga Gunasekara, FPAC, FP&A and financial performance analyst for AMP Capital Australia used his time during the pandemic to think clearly about how to best shape his career post-pandemic. And it paid off. He landed his dream job.


The War in Ukraine: American Companies Discuss the Impact and Their Responses
AFP recently met with a group of treasury professionals from the U.S. to discuss the war in Ukraine and how their organizations are responding to and dealing with the challenges stemming from the conflict.


AFP Announces Formation of Middle East and Africa Treasury Advisory Council
Seeking to better connect with and serve treasury professionals in the Middle East and Africa region, the Association for Finance Professionals (AFP) recently launched the Middle East and Africa (MEA) Treasury Advisory Council.


A Better Way: Chick-fil-A Reimagines Their Data Culture
In the recent webinar, “Getting Your Data Right: How Architecture Facilitates Data Culture,” two members of Chick-fil-A’s (CFA) Financial Solutions Lab — Camille Felton, CTP, FPAC, Principal Team Leader and Matt Burton, Director within Financial Operations & Technology — shared valuable insights from their journey.


Payments Fraud Not a Result of Remote Working
In the past two years, the pandemic changed a lot in terms of how we live, travel and, in many cases, the way we work. Globally, organizations mandated that employees work remotely, which required companies to alter many of their processes and procedures. One of the processes impacted was payments.


10 Best Practices in Cash Forecasting
“Over a relatively short time, cash forecasting has shifted from a function of survival to the ability to be nimble and react to strategic opportunities.”


AFP 2022 Session Highlights: FP&A
A running theme throughout the submissions this year appears to be one of structure. At this point, most organizations understand the value of FP&A and are at the very least trending toward partnership with their internal team.


Treasury and FP&A Forecast Better Together
Treasury and FP&A can develop more meaningful forecasts to support the development of business strategy. There are potential benefits from a collaborative approach in a number of areas.


CTP: Embracing Change and Upskilling to Add Value
AFP recently caught up with Kerry Shattell, CTP, assistant vice president of Blackstone in Singapore, to discuss her decision to earn the CTP, and how it has affected her life and career journey.


AFP 2022 Session Highlights: Risk, Capital Markets and Payments
The AFP 2022 Conference Planning Task Force recently met to review all educational session submissions and select the final session lineup for each of the six tracks. Because we’re too excited to wait until this fall to share the information with you, below are some highlights of the sessions that we are most interested in on the topics of risk, capital markets and payments.


The True Cost of Payments Now
In 2015, AFP first conducted a survey to help members understand the true cost of their payments by payment type, based on internal and external costs. In 2022, the survey was conducted again, underwritten by Corpay, to see how things had changed, and with over 300 responses, we were able to get a holistic and true price picture of the cost of payments.


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