AFP's Top Read Articles of 2021

  • By AFP Staff
  • Published: 12/14/2021

Ameribor: A Look at the Other Libor Alternative

While the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) is the chosen successor to Libor in the United States, other rates have emerged as potential alternatives. The latest AFP Treasury in Practice Guide, underwritten by Kyriba, takes an in-depth look at Ameribor.

Negotiating Loan Contracts with New Reference Rates

While it can be challenging to understand the implications of agreeing to certain new rates, there are some core considerations that can help simplify the process.

Financial Modeling Best Practices

If we think about building a model as a product development process, we can apply best practices from decades of research and the current trends.

LIBOR Transition: Preparing for the End Game

Three corporate finance experts on the transition of the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR), the current benchmark interest rate at which major global banks lend to one another.

The Importance of Good Communication Skills in the Finance Profession, Especially Now

Communication has long been a challenge in the finance profession. Communication during a pandemic — when our offices have been pushed into our homes and we’re all struggling with any number of classifications of fatigue — can feel next to impossible.

Asked and Answered: Your Questions about Virtual Account Management

Are virtual accounts right for my business? How do virtual accounts work in X situation or Y environment? Can we talk about legal entities in relation to virtual accounts?

The Role of FP&A: Better Business Partnering Leads to Better Strategy

How much progress has been made in transforming FP&A into strategic business partners? How can FP&A make the business view finance as a primary source of insight? Companies have researched these long-term questions for decades, and surveys find that FP&A professionals are buried in basic duties.

Implementing AI to Automate Cash Forecasting – Highlights, Challenges and Benefits

In the case of cash flow forecasting AI is excellent for doing scenario modeling organizations can act on with high levels of accuracy, or for predicting future trends or results with the greatest degree of probability.

Aspiring Business Partner: FP&A is Falling Short of CFO Expectations

Many companies are calling on their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams to help navigate present uncertainties. As one finance executive told us, “I need an operating thought partner and not someone that is just keeping score.”

Harnessing the Value of ISO 20022

Although SWIFT has broadened its focus beyond financial messaging in the past three years, the importance of messaging in the cross-border payments space shouldn’t be ignored. With the ISO 20022 standard now seeing widespread adoption in international payments solutions, financial messaging has never been more relevant.

Five Core Skills for Intentional Learning and the Career Advantage

For intentional learners, learning is not work. It does not require extra effort. Instead, it is unconscious, reflexive – a mindset from which they operate all the time. In today’s world, where all professionals are expected to refresh and upgrade their skill set on an ongoing basis, intentional learners have the career advantage. Fortunately, we all have the ability to become intentional learners.

5 Questions for Kayla Davis on Becoming the Head of M&A

Kayla Davis’ role as vice president of mergers and acquisitions at ABM Industries, a leader in facility solutions and a Fortune 500 company, has provided her with a fresh perspective.

Nacha Mulls Same-Day ACH Limit

Increases to $1 Million and Above After receiving enthusiastic responses to last year’s same-day ACH limit increase, the National Automated Clearing House Association (Nacha) has proposed layering in major limit increases over the next three years that would enable corporates to speed up a wide variety of debits and credits.

Embracing Multiple Points of View: A Probabilistic Approach to Forecasting

People often trust precise forecasts more than vague forecasts because precision is associated with knowledge and expertise. But what if data science and analytics trap organizations in a deductive approach to planning and managing the business?

Roadmap for FP&A Transformation

What do leading organizations do that's different from the rest? There is an opportunity for FP&A to reclaim and repurpose time with this case study from Microsoft.





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