CTP: Lifelong Learning to Remain Relevant

  • By Brooke Ballenger
  • Published: 11/4/2021

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A global symbol of excellence, the Certified Treasury Professional  (CTP) designation sets the standard in the treasury profession. Earning the CTP signifies you have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to effectively execute critical functions related to corporate liquidity, and capital and risk management.

AFP recently caught up with Anthony Ang, CTP, group treasury and insurance assistant manager at SATS Ltd., to discuss his decision to earn the CTP, and how it has affected his life and career journey.

How did you get your start in treasury?

Anthony: I started my career in the banking industry as a credit control officer and wasAng_2 fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to move to the treasury department. At that point, I had limited knowledge on what treasury was, but I saw it as an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skillset.

I began doing daily cash flow planning and was slowly given the opportunity to be involved in the strategic working committee. I was intrigued at the possibility of looking at the business from a top-down approach instead of a bottom-up approach. In addition, I enjoyed both the analytical part of the job scope and working and improving financial models.

Eventually, I was given the option to choose either banking or treasury and decided to pursue my career in treasury. The decision proved to be a turning point for my career — and the rest was history.

What are two or three core aspects of your day-to-day job?

Anthony: Reporting directly to the group treasurer, I see myself as a treasury generalist covering a wide range of treasury matters for the group. My primary roles involve cash and liquidity management, making sure there is enough cash for the business and to maximize returns on idle cash. I also support the Mergers and Acquisition team and other business units by providing advisory on banking-related matters, as well as their funding needs.

What is something that you would like to do in the future in treasury?

Anthony: In Singapore, we believe in lifelong learning and the need to continue upgrading and keeping ourselves relevant. The role of treasury is consistently evolving, and with digital disruption such as artificial intelligence and block chain technology, there is a need for treasurers to understand how those new technologies will support, compliment or replace existing processes in the near future. I intend to deepen my knowledge and skillset so that I can better support and contribute to my organization.

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Are there certain skills or training that help you in what you do now?

Anthony: The cumulative years of work experiences mixed with my degree in Finance certainly help me discharge my duty effectively. I am also blessed with good mentors and superiors throughout my career that help shape who I am today.

What skills are most important to you to add over the next couple of years?

Anthony: I recently took basic courses for PowerBI and Robotic Process Automation, and will likely take advance courses on those software in the near future. With stronger digitalization efforts in the coming years, more treasury processes are becoming automated. Treasury roles will also evolve, and advanced analytical skills will likely be an important skillset to have.

What is the most critical treasury issue you are facing today?

Anthony: As a self-motivator, I am always thinking about how I can contribute more to my organization. This can be in form of streamlining and improving processes or maximizing returns and reducing cost. One of the key challenges I face is the lack of access to network and resources to achieve those objectives.

Can you share your approach to this issue?

Anthony: My immediate approach to this issue was to “Google.” Thankfully, I happened upon AFP while browsing for treasury-related content and was pleasantly surprised that there are many like-minded treasury professionals looking for similar answers. AFP is a great place for treasury professionals to network and get the latest industry updates and best practices. They also provide training and certifications to allow treasury professionals to upskill and be certified.

Why did you decide to earn the CTP?

Anthony: There are two main reasons on why I decided to earn the CTP. The first was purely to achieve a testament of my competency in treasury. The second was to further hone my knowledge in the treasury field. There is an old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

How has the CTP credential impacted your life/career?

Anthony: Taking the CTP was an eye opener, as I am utterly shocked at what I thought I knew and what little I actually knew. While the learning process was vigorous, I am glad to say I became more confident as a treasury professional.

Would you recommend the CTP to others? Why?

Anthony: I would certainly recommend the CTP to any treasury professional. It is a widely recognized credential and a testament to your ability as a treasury professional. 

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