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APAC Treasury: Establishing Policies & Structures
The role of the treasury department varies between organizations and is typically defined in a board-approved treasury policy. AFP’s Asia-Pacific Treasury Management Handbook, sponsored by Kyriba, explores these policies.


FP&A Careers: When to Move Around
FP&A professionals should never think of themselves as settled in their careers. The new FP&A Guide helps them identify the right time to make a career move.


U.S. Firms to Shed Cash Due to Worsening Performance
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are forcing many U.S. businesses to tap into their cash reserves, according to the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators®.


Leveraging Treasury Technology to Earn Trust
Advancements in technology can greatly help the treasury department establish itself as a strategic ally to the business.


A Framework for FP&A Skills
The business landscape and IT capabilities are always changing. Here is a simple, flexible framework to help you think about it.


Introducing the AFP 2020 Virtual Experience
Nothing is more important than the safety of our event attendees and staff members. As a result, we have decided to make AFP 2020 a virtual experience.


BCP: Adapting Processes & Technology
Over the past few months, treasury departments have had to quickly adapt their processes and technology to remote working environment.


Creating a Budget for the Post-Pandemic World
For many organizations, planning a budget beyond Q3 2020 feels like shooting at a moving target in the dark.


Building Actionable Resilience: The Real Options Approach
Most organizations build in actionable resilience by pre-planning responses and pre-positioning resilience capabilities that can be used in different risk scenarios.


Keys to Setting Up a Treasury Operation
A companion webinar to the 2020 APAC Treasury Management Handbook, sponsored by Kyriba, looked at the challenges of setting up a treasury operation.


Looking Ahead: Skillsets for Finance’s Future
Finance professionals in APAC discuss the skillsets that will be needed as companies navigate their way through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.


APAC Update: AFP Announces Matrix Partnership, CFA Waiver
AFP announced a formal partnership with Matrix Institute of Professionals, and exempted CFAs from taking the first part of the FP&A exam.


Planning Tools: Comparing Software & Negotiating Contracts
What should you consider as you compare potential planning systems and enter into negotiations with a vendor?


Companies Turn to Bank Deposits in COVID-19 Crisis
Even in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, companies were holding their short-term investments in banks due to concerns over the economy, according to the 2020 AFP Liquidity Survey, underwritten by Invesco.


Mainstreaming Risk in Routine Processes
Trends in risk management bring FP&A and risk closer together. Some organizations, like Abt Associates, integrate risk management across their entire business.


Actively Testing Your Business Continuity Plan
Testing out your business continuity plan (BCP) is incredibly important, especially in terms of making sure your technology can withstand a crisis event.


Libor Update: New SOFR Guidance, Fed Comments on Ameribor
The Federal Reserve’s Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) has released new guidance on transitioning away from Libor to SOFR. But while SOFR is the Fed’s preferred successor, Chairman Jerome Powell indicated that Ameribor also has a future as an alternative rate.


Summer 2020 AFP Exchange to Be Available Online Only
AFP has decided to make the Summer 2020 edition of AFP Exchange, and potentially future issues, online only.


Reducing DSO: Know Your Customer
Third-party solutions can greatly reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), but the customer and the vendor need to be on the same page.


COVID-19 Survey: How FP&A Will Change
This final article in the FP&A COVID-19 Survey series takes a look ahead and asks the FP&A community, “Once this crisis ends, what do you believe FP&A will be doing differently?”


COVID-19 Survey: FP&A Recognizes the Need for BCP
AFP’s recent FP&A COVID-19 Survey highlighted the importance of having a strong business continuity plan (BCP) in place. Of those respondents, 80% said their BCP was either effective or highly effective.


In the COVID-19 World, Technology is Key for Finance
Although COVID-19 has disrupted operations for many organizations, new technologies have provided opportunities for some APAC treasury and finance departments.


FP&A COVID-19 Survey: Additional Visibility For FP&A
The 2020 FP&A COVID-19 Survey examined how FP&A practitioners have been supporting their business partners and adding value throughout their enterprises.


Certification, Education Are Critical for Career Advancement
Higher education and professional certification each play a critical role in the career advancement of financial professionals, according to the 2020 AFP Compensation Report.


Survey: Uncertainty Weighs Heavily on FP&A
FP&A professionals expect information uncertainty to have a major impact on their organizations, according to the AFP COVID-19 FP&A Survey.


Reducing DSO Through New Technology
The days sales outstanding (DSO) metric may regain prominence as companies face new challenges in terms of collecting payments. Recent advancements in technology can help.


The Power of Diversity in Finance
In a FinNext 2020 Virtual Series webinar, panelists provided actionable insights towards establishing a culture and policies that support a diverse workplace.


Tony Hawk: Perseverance Makes Perfect
In an interview with AFP CEO Jim Kaitz, skateboarding legend, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony Hawk explains how perseverance and authenticity kept him going throughout his career.


COVID-19: FP&A Professionals Expect a Painful, Slow Recovery
Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals expect the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to be long-lasting and severely damaging to earnings and revenue, according to a new survey by AFP.


How Can Risk Methodologies Improve FP&A?
FP&A is connected to risk management. A new guide explores how risk methodologies have the potential to improve the FP&A function.


How Treasury Can Be Seen as a Trusted Advisor
In volatile and uncertain times, organizations look to treasury departments to guide them. But treasury must first establish trust to be seen in this light.


COVID-19 Crisis Shakes Up Companies’ Cash Deployment Plans
The coronavirus pandemic caused U.S. companies to hold onto their cash in first quarter 2020. However, the current quarter is likely to see many organizations releasing some of that cash out of necessity.


CPA, CMA and CTP Holders Can Waive Part I of FP&A Exam
AFP has announced that current holders of the CPA, CMA or CTP credential are eligible to waive Part I of the FP&A Professional Exam.


How to Job Search in the Coronavirus Environment
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director of the FP&A Practice at AFP, and Constance Moonzwe, Executive Director of RSMC Services, discuss how financial professionals can search for jobs in the current environment.


What the CEO and the Board Expect of Finance in a Crisis
AFP CEO Jim Kaitz hosts a panel discussion on what the CEO and the board are asking of treasury and finance during the coronavirus crisis.


COVID-19 Crisis: Treasurers Race to Preserve Liquidity
A new AFP Survey, underwritten by BMO, finds companies putting off hiring and capex in the coronavirus crisis.


Key Challenges to Planning System Implementation
During a FinNext Virtual Series roundtable, sponsored by QueBIT, finance practitioners discussed their struggles to move up the technology ladder. They also weighed in on whether organizations are continuing implementations amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Selecting a Cash Forecasting Methodology
Identifying the information sources that are available as input to the cash flow forecast can help determine the methodology used to build the forecast. Typically, short-term cash flow forecasts are built using one of three different methods.


Treasury Tips: Doing Business in New Territories
The 2020 AFP Asia-Pacific Treasury Management Handbook, sponsored by Kyriba, explores some of the vital treasury elements that enable a company to begin doing business in a new country.


BEC Scams Poised to Surge in Coronavirus Crisis
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause turmoil and anguish across the globe, fraudsters are taking advantage. One type of fraud that has seen significant activity is the business email compromise (BEC) scam.


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